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      1. iHorn, a subsidiary of China Security,won “China Mobile IoT Project”

        Update Date:2019-04-05

        recently, iHorn, a subsidiary of China Security, as the No.1 candidate, won the Project of NB Environment Monitoring Products from China Mobile IoT Company Limited. This shows iHorn’s technology strength and product competitiveness in IoT sensors and anti-theft alarms. 

        To our knowledge, the 2018 National Work Meeting on Public Security Fire Fighting was aimed to further “smart firefighting” construction in all aspects by comprehensively applying big data,IoT, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies to deepen fire security assessment, risk forecast and fire alarm, with an eye for making fire security work smarter. 

        According to public data, China Mobile IoT Company Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile. As a leading company for researching and developing NB-IoT technology in China, China Mobile IoT provided a special grant of 1 billion yuan for NB-IOT development in the response to China’s call for “smart consumption”, drive the reduction of end cost and accelerate end-to-end maturity of the industry. Through systematic deployment of NB-IoT water/electricity/gas meters, NB-IoT smart firefighting devices and other NB-IOT products, China Mobile IoT leverages IOT technology to manage, control and operate various devices. 


        With NB-IOT, an innovative IOT technology, NB-IoT combustible gas alarm provides functions like optic and audio alarms, automatic valve switching, automatic message push and remote alarm for whole-process monitoring of the fire. This device is widely used in homes, gas, oil and chemistry, coal, electricity, pharmacy, building, mine, metallurgy and coking industries, proving to be of epoch-crossing significance in fire prevention and being able to better ensure property and life safety. 

        Sensors are one of the most crucial infrastructures in IoT, in particular in smart homes. Shenzhen iHorn is a specialized supplier of IoT sensors and alarms and a national high-tech company that combines research and development, manufacturing and sale processes. This means a promising prospect for the cooperation between China Mobile IOT and Shenzhen iHorn. 

        Previously, Shenzhen iHorn has launched iHorn smart home kit, in combination with Huawei, and made broad and deep cooperation in IoTwith Lenovo, Haier, China Mobile, Alibaba and other partners. Shenzhen iHorn is committed to making the world safer, more comfortable and more harmonious through quality products and services.  

        About China Security Co., Ltd (stock code: SH600654)

        China Security Co., Ltd has a registered capital of more than 1.2 billion RMB, 10,000 employees and many famous system  integrators, security operators and manufacturers both at home and abroad under its control. China Security Co., Ltd is  engaged in system integration, operation service and product manufacturing, and committed to become a globally first-class security  comprehensive operator and smart city system integrator.