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      1. iHorn granted the “Top 10 Security Brands of China” again

        Update Date:2019-03-30

        On March 29, the second China Security Big Data Development Summit and 2018 Security Industry Awarding Ceremony were held in Urumqi, Xinjiang. With its market reputation and brand influence in anti-theft area, Shenzhen iHorn, a subsidiary of China Security, harvested Top 10 Security Brand of China. 

        As a professional provider of IoT sensors and anti-theft alarms, iHorn operates in Shenzhen and serves the whole country. It has constructed a nationwide sale and service network that covers 34 provinces, municipalities under the direct administration of the Station Council and autonomous regions, in particular, more safe and service offices in more than 30 major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Adhering to the service principle of “work with heart and soul to move customers”, it follows customer needs and provides tailored solutions all the time. 

        The second China Security Big Data Development Summit attracted representatives from Xinjiang Comprehensive Governance Office and relevant authorities in law and enforcement areas as well as major providers and experts in security area. They discussed how security industry will provide better solutions for public security in the context of technological reform, with IoT, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data as characteristics. Depending on the market performance of different providers in the previous year, media and judges selected by voting the Top 10 Security Brands of China. 

        The time when all things are connected is forthcoming. As an important channel through which big data is produced, security industry is where artificial intelligence is first applied. In this information age, how to better use big data and artificial intelligent to serve the public has become what the security industry cares. 

        Since its establishment in 1995, Shenzhen iHorn has been engaging in anti-theft alarm and IoT sensing for 24 years. It is able to provide professional and personalized solutions for smart communities, Internet-connected alarms, perimeter security and smart homes and even provide customized services across the whole industrial chain. iHorn will closely follow the industry development to make continuous innovations in products and technologies, and insist on technology-oriented and market-based strategy to provide quality products and services for customers. 

        About China Security Co., Ltd (stock code: SH600654)

        China Security Co., Ltd has a registered capital of more than 1.2 billion RMB, 10,000 employees and many famous system  integrators, security operators and manufacturers both at home and abroad under its control. China Security Co., Ltd is  engaged in system integration, operation service and product manufacturing, and committed to become a globally first-class security  comprehensive operator and smart city system integrator.