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      1. Jiang Jian, deputy director of Putuo District and chief of Putuo Public Security Bureau visited China Security

        Update Date:2018-12-25

        On December 25, Mr. Jiang Jian, deputy director of Putuo District as well as chief and Party Secretary of Putuo Public Security Bureau visited China Security Co., Ltd., accompanied by Ding Yi, deputy chief of Putuo Public Security Bureau, and principals of relevant divisions in Putuo Public Security Bureau and of management committee office for Shanghai Fintech Industry Park. Mr. Wang Zhenghua, chairman of China Security and Mr. Li Baiqing, president of China Security participated in this visit on behalf of China Security Co., Ltd.

        During their discussion, Li Baiqing reported the development and operation of the company in smart transport, data security and overseas guard fields with details.

        Wang Zhenghua expressed that the company would return to the track that advances technologies and solution are focused in order to further develop leading and core technologies and solutions for building smart public security and safe communities.

        According to Jiang Jian, a broad cooperation prospect between Putuo District and China Security is under the way as Putuo District is building smart public security, safe communities and an "intelligently connected Putuo". This requires that the two parties must maintain a regular mechanism for communications, connect technologies to needs and start pilot projects for the purpose of improving public management, public security and public service in Putuo.