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      1. Years of efforts bring three industrial awards to iHorn

        Update Date:2019-03-27

        In the middle of March, iHorn, a subsidiary of China Security, harvested three industrial awards, i.e., the most influential brand in intelligent building industry, the most influential IoT sensing company and the best security product for HUAWEI HiLink.

        As a specialized provider of IoT sensors and alarm solutions, iHorn received the "Most Influential Brand in Intelligent Building Industry 2019" award on the awarding ceremony held by organization committee of China International Intelligent Building Exhibition and Intelligent Building magazine on March 11.


        The iHorn anti-theft alarm solution for intelligent buildings is a product developed by iHorn after more than ten years of research and has been applied to the market for years. With C9000 software as the carrier, it is linked to alarm modules through front-end devices such as LHB9000 bus master unit for alarm and a series of detectors, allowing for easy installation, operation and extension. It has been widely implemented in large national projects, e.g., Water Cube, Shanghai World Expo halls and National Museum of China, and smart communities and projects developed by, for example, Vanke, Country Garden and Greenland. The company will make further efforts to spread the anti-theft alarm solutions for intelligent buildings and provide more technical upgrades to increase its overall performance.  

        The next day, the "2018 IoT Start-China IoT Industry Annual Selection" and "2019 China IoT CEO Thousand Conference" sponsored by China IOT Industry Application Alliance were held. The cooperation between the company and many partners such as Huawei, Lenovo, Haier, China Mobile and Alibaba further accelerates the broad application of IoT sensing technologies. At the conference, the company was again awarded with the "2018 China Most Influential IoT Sensing Company", the "Oscar Award" in IOT industry.


        iHorn Smart Home Kit, jointly developed by the company and Huawei, is based on HUAWEI HiLink platform and makes innovations in user experience, having set a new trend for intelligent home kits in this industry.

        On March 14, as an outstanding partner under Huawei's zhixuan ecosystem, the company's iHorn Smart Home Kit was unveiled at 2019 Appliance & Electronics World Expo and received the "Best Security Product fort HUAWEI HiLINK".


        As more and more intelligent products are implemented, as a new flagship product in IOT sensing sector, this home kit will act as a portal to Huawei zhixuan ecosystem by connecting sensors to homes and making users understand the company.

        As a professional designer and manufacturer of IOT sensors, the company has been rated as the "Top 10 China Security Products" for consecutive fifteen years, being one of the organizations which participated in drafting national standards for anti-theft alarm products and making supplies to large projects like Water Cube, Canton Tower and Disney.


        Not only having released iHorn Smart Home Kit in collaboration with Huawei, it also makes broad and deep cooperation with Lenovo, Haier, China Mobile and Alibaba in IOT field, with a commitment to high quality products and services and making a safer, more comfortable and harmonious world.