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        • China Security & Fire and the Upcoming 16th CPSE

          China Security & Fire and the ..2017-10-27

          The 16th China Public Security Expo (CPSE), an internationally well-known security expo, will be unveiled in Shenzhen on October 2..

        • Hirun received the first level qualification of electronic and intelligent engineering professional contracting

          Hirun received the first level..2017-10-25

          On October 13, 2017, one member of China Security & Fire, Zhejiang Hirun Information & Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred ..

        • China Security & Fire IoT Sensing Attended Alibaba Computing Conference and Gave Keynote Speech

          China Security & Fire IoT Sens..2017-10-17

          On October 13, the top banquet about artificial sensing was unveiled in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. At the great banquet, Market Head of..

        • China Security & Fire and its Member Company Obtained Industrial Awards Again

          China Security & Fire and its ..2017-09-22

          OnSeptember 20, 2017, the 14th China Security Summit was held inHangzhou. China Security & Fire Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to ..

        • China Security & Fire IoT Sensing’s Participation in the Development of National Standards Received Support of Government Standard Special Funds

          China Security & Fire IoT Sens..2017-09-12

          As a state-level high-tech enterprise and strategic emerging enterprise in Shenzhen City, China Security & Fire IoT Sensing (Shenz..

        • Semi-annual Meeting of China Sciences Intelligent, a Member Enterprise of China Security & Fire is Held Successfully

          Semi-annual Meeting of China S..2017-09-12

          On September 3, 2017,Jiangsu China Sciences Intelligent System Co., Ltd., (hereinafter, “ChinaSciences” or “China Sciences Intelli..